The Best Restaurants in Morris County NJ | Kimberly Brechka (2024)

Good Eats​

Italian Lovers and Pizza Joints

  • La Cucina (Denville) Can always count on La Cucina to provide delicious food and friendly service. Our “Go To” place in Denville with friends. Private rooms upstairs are awesome. (KF)

  • The Tuscan Table (Denville) BYO, fairly new but definitely yummy!

  • Case Bella (Denville)Perfect spot for family get together’s on a Sunday night and the outside deck is great when it’s warm out

  • The Pasta Shop (Denville) Brand new, adorable with a super small yet unique menu and soooo yummy! Owners of Sergios opened this spot and the service is impeccable too!

  • Casa Di Pizza (Denville) Wood Burning oven!-Need I say more.

  • Dantes (Mendham)

  • Nonna's (Florham Park) Voted best pizza in 2018 by the Star Ledger.

  • Grato (Morris Plains) good food, and has an awesome fireplace and ambiance

  • Eccola (Parsippany) a staple in Parsippany - never had a bad meal here and it's always packed-make a res!

  • Verde (Morris Plains) BYO, small but packs a punch with their yummy dishes

  • Rosie's Trattoria(Randolph) Anyone who lives here will tell you how much they love this neighborhood favorite. Their brand new outdoor patio is awesome too! (KF)

  • La Strada Ristorante (Randolph) Great for family dinners and your staple Italian dishes. (KF)

  • Millie's Old World Meatballs and Pizza (Morristown) (KF) Classic Italian dishes, and a great vibe.

  • La Campagna (Morristown) Classic and on the smaller side-so def make a res here.

  • Lovey's Pizza (Morris Plains) Order in anytime and you'll never be disappointed (KF)

Chinese/Thai Favs

Who doesn't love Sushi and Hibachi?

A little bit of everything...

  • Thatcher McGees (Denville) great Irish pub, enough said!

  • Second Half on Main (Denville) If you’re craving a burger or crock of french onion soup this is the place to go (KF)

  • Randolph Diner(Randolph) They just underwent a huge renovation and I must say as far as diners go- this is top notch delicious and I never feel like I'm actually at the diner when I'm here. (KF)

  • Carvers (Denville) Town favorite, diner type food...the prefect breakfast spot too. (KF)

  • Mr Crabby's Seafood(Randolph) The place is fairly new-offers a fun, rustic hangout and has a great vibe- huge bar and some good seafood. (KF)

  • George and Martha's American Grille(Morristown) A little bit of everything in bustling downtown Morristown. (KF)

  • End of Elm(Morristown) Eclectic menu with great décor.

  • Stirling Tavern (Morristown) We call this the healthy dinner place because they have such a unique menu with veggies galore, great ambiance too and always packed.

  • The Committed Pig (Morristown) Brunch, lunch or dinner this spot is a classic in Mo-town for good grub (KF)

  • The Black Horse Tavern & Pub(Mendham) Personal favorite-never had a bad meal. They have a casual part for dinner with the kids and a fancier section for date night or dinner with friends. A Mendham staple for sure. (KF)

  • The Montville Inn(Montville) My go to spot when I can't decide what I’m in the mood for!

  • South+Pine American Eatery(Morristown) Can you say awesome food! Worth a try. (KF)

  • Tap house 15(Jefferson) So many choices- cute place with a huge bar too! (KF)

  • Tiff's Grill (Morris Plains) Great for lunch, especially when it's nice out and you can sit at their outdoor patio-love their salads! (KF)

  • Cinders (Mine Hill) This rustic looking local favorite is perfect for dinner and drinks with friends or a family night out with kids.

  • Chesapeake Tavern (Long Valley) From burgers to clam chowder and any seafood option in between.

  • Stone Water (Jefferson) How can you not be happy with food, booze and views at the same time?

  • Pub 199 (Mt. Arlington) is a local favorite. If the stuffed animals hanging on the walls won’t bother you, they have great lobsters, steaks and steamed clams.

  • First Watch (Parsippany) Great new breakfast and lunch spot which chic decor and great food, Try the avocado toast!

  • Tommy's Tavern (Morris Plains) Great new place with tons of choices but no reservations so get there early!

  • Seasons 52 (Morris Plains) Brand new- great big bar and some yummy eats!

  • Cafe Crevier (Denville) Great place to try for brunch with some friends! (Brand New)

  • Grain House (Basking Ridge) Located on the picturesque 10-acre estate of the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, NJ.

  • Bistro 46 (Morristown) The service is always excellent.

  • Gourmet Cafe (Parsippany) Cozy BYOB restaurant offering classic Italian dishes in an upscale-casual dining room.

  • Restaurant Serenade (Chatham) High end, innovative French flare.

  • Hapgoods (Mountain Lakes) Great for brunch and outside dining when the weather is nice.

  • The Spa (Parsippany) What seems like an unassuming, typical New Jersey diner from the outside actually house one of the best salads in the world, the Sammy Salad. Complete with pita, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki and oil and vinegar, this salad is mind blowing.

  • Stirling Craft (Randolph) -Great co*cktails and a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Long Valley Pub & Brewery at Restaurant Village (Long Valley)- Their seasonal brews are delicious.

Meat Lovers

Date Night Favs

  • Tabor Road Tavern (Morris Plains) Has been our go to place in town ever since they opened a few years ago- great ambiance, huge bar, and a menu full of choices

  • Barka(Mountain Lakes) Newbie Mediterranean with a beautiful ambiance, great service and yummy, yummy food!

  • The Station at Mountain Lakes- Anyone who lives here will tell you how much they love this restaurant- great food, great service and great people! (KF)

  • Il Capriccio(Whippany) fancy and delish! But not cheap! LOL

  • Il Mondo Vecchio (Madison) Perfect for date night and fancier flare Italian.

  • Scalini Fedeli (Chatham) On the fancier side- a great date night option too.

  • Capital Grille (Morris Plains) Brand new and pretty close to perfection! Pricey!

  • Ristorante MV( Bernardsville) You never know what football player you might encounter.

  • Blue Morel Restaurant(Morristown) Lovely restaurant in the Westin in Mo-town with everything you can imagine on the menu.

  • The Grain House (Basking Ridge)- American comfort food is plated in an elegant historic Colonial home with fireplaces & beamed ceilings.


  • Riviera Maya (Parsippany/Rockaway) There's two locations- a small one on Route 10 in Parsippany and another on rte 46 in Rockaway- they needed two because it's always crowded with authentic Mexican food- and don't forget the guacamole they make table side. (KF)

  • Olive Lucy's (Morristown) A take on new age Mexican…bring some wine and they will make you sangria at your table! Need I say more. (KF)

  • Don Jose Mexican Restaurant (East Hanover) Perfect guacamole, and fajitas are my personal fav! (KF)

  • Chicos (Denville) Authentic flare with great outdoor area. I love the homemade salsa!

  • Fresco Mexican (Chester) Chunky, delicious guacamole is only one of my favorites here. They just won the 2019 Readers Choice in Morris/Essex Magazine too!

  • Nom Mexican Table and Tequila Bar- Don't skip out on the corn ribs for an app!

For that Special Occasion

  • Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen(Morristown) So many options for dining, not cheap, but worth it for a special occasion.

  • Ninety Acres (Peapack) Worth the trip to visit this farm to table restaurant located up a sprawling drive. Beautiful, yummy and utter perfection.

Sweet Tooth

Cupcakes, doughnuts or pastries anyone?

  • Swiss Chalet Bakery (Morristown) A great spot for a quick breakfast but just know it is nearly impossible to leave without having a treat too! Order a specialty cake too and you will be the talk of the town.

  • Pink Cake Box (Denville) Specialty cakes-special orders only, perfect for weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc.

  • Suzi Cakes (Boonton) Yum! Seriously everything is yum!

  • Ava'sCupcakes (Rockaway) Great for birthday parties in their party room too. Can you say Cupcake Wars?

  • Sorrentos Bakery (East Hanover) We love their cookies.

  • Starseed Bakery(Rockaway) Gluten, Dairy, Soy, and GMO Free!

  • Beignets (Denville) Heaven on earth! They make the doughnuts fresh as you wait!

  • Sweet Spot (Chester)

  • Squirrel & The Bee (Short Hills) They carry tons of gluten free yummys too!

  • Bakers Perfection (Rockaway) perfection is exactly the perfect term.

The Best Ice Cream in the County...IMO

  • Beenies (Morristown) They have everything from homemade ice cream, gelato, sorbet, Italian ice, Belgian waffles, and more.

  • Cliffs (Ledgewood) They have over 11 flavors of soft ice cream and over 60 flavors of hard hand-dipped ice cream. Yum!

  • Cold Stone Creamery(Rockaway and Mo-town) Yes, it’s a chain store, but who cares- it's really good!

  • Curlys(Riverdale) We loved the Cookie Monster and Vanilla Raspberry Truffle!

  • Dover Scoops- justopenedin June!

  • Das’ Creamery (Budd Lake) Try the Pop-tart ice cream sliders, Lemon Drop Granola, or the Cuppa T. So different and so good!

  • Denville Dairy (Denville) Close to home, this has always been our go to spot!

  • Dover Dairy Maid (Dover) We love the kiddie cones dipped in different flavors and the mini cookie sandwiches! Party time!

  • Jefferson Dairy (Lake Hopatcong) Monkey Butt and Elephants Never Forget! Just reading the names is an adventure.

  • Last Licks (East Hanover) This cute local favorite has some good choices.

  • McCools(Madison) New Jersey Monthly Magazine named this place the“Best Milk Shake in New Jersey.”

  • Scoop House(Boonton) Can you say waffles and ice cream? OMG!

  • South Street Creamery (Morristown) Want a quick bite before your treat, you can find it here. Grandma's Kitchen is my fav!

  • Super Scoops(Parsippany) Blue Cookie Monster ice cream, Butterfinger Blast and Pineapple Cheesecake are just a few!

  • Taylors (Chester)Try any of their hard home-made ice cream, soft serve, yogurt or milkshakes and I promise you’ll leave happy.

  • Guerriero Gelato (Morristown)- some of the best gelato in morristown.

Last updated 8/16/2023

I don't knowabout you but ILOVE to eat.

Idon'tknow if Iconsider myself a foodie, but there are few restaurants inthe Morris County area Ihaven't tried. I get sooooo excited when something new opens too. My husband and I try very hard to make Saturday nights our date nights- that’s when we truly explore what's new and what’s Delish! I'll do my best to keep up with new openings and be your guinea pig. Here's a list ofsome of my favorites in Morris County.I'm getting hungry just writing this!

If you see 'KF' next tothe restaurant that means it's totally kid- friendly!

The Best Restaurants in Morris County NJ | Kimberly Brechka (2024)
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