Summer 2022's Biggest Hair Color Trends Are All About In-Between Shades (2024)

Summer’s hazy, happy-go-lucky vibe seeps into absolutely everything this time of year. Lunches are long and lingering, outfits become brighter and more irreverent, and everyone seems to be in a good mood. Plus, that all-important vitamin D is suddenly everywhere. There’s something about June, July, and August that’s ripe for reinvention. Maybe it’s a holdover from years of school, but at summer’s start, with the entire season stretched out before you, it’s impossible not to wonder who you’ll be (and what you’ll look like) come fall.

This summer, in particular, has a trendy hair color for every possible style and aesthetic. A far cry from the one-size-fits-all blonde highlights and (shudder) Sun-In of yesteryear, summer 2022 is as much about glorifying what you already have as it is embracing jaw-dropping transformation.

The popularity of in-between colors like bronde, strawberry brunette, and brown toffee use subtle highlight tweaks to put the spotlight on your natural hair color. But if it’s a major “new summer, new me” makeover you’re after, there are plenty of striking shades (think full-on copper, bright blondes, and rainbow patterns) sure to make a splash beyond just the pool.

To get a sense of what’s hottest for summer 2022 (beyond just the temperatures, that is), Byrdie turned to a slew of celebrity-loved hair professionals for a true inside look. Below, find your complete guide to summer 2022 hair color trends.

Blondes Are Embracing Their Dark Side

Have you noticed more and more formerly bright-blonde celebrities returning to their roots lately? Chalk it up to the bronde hair color movement, often interchangeably referred to as cappuccino blonde. "It’s the perfect in-between for a blonde or a brunette, and it’s super versatile without the heavy maintenance of a full blonde look," explains Olivia Cassanova, IGK Color Partner & IGK Soho Salon Colorist. Stars like Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez have all recently experimented with a darker, more true-to-their-roots blonde, and the result yields tons of shine (and fewer hours in the salon chair).

"This look is dimensional with some highlights/balayage," Cassanova explains. While it does require a bit more maintenance than other shades with greater color contrast, it's not nearly as demanding as a true, bright blonde. "As long as your colorist gives you a suitable tone and level of lightness," Cassanova says, "it can also work for every skin tone and hair texture. It’s the perfect way for brunettes to dabble with the idea of going lighter without committing to anything they can’t handle."

But Bright And Buttery Is Still In

It's true: When most people think of a "summer blonde", it's those bright, sunny highlights that come to mind. And for that reason, they'll probably never go out of style. Rita Hazan, celebrity colorist and founder of Rita Hazan, reports seeing plenty of requests for buttery blonde shades, especially those that veer very warm as opposed to cooler tones or more neutral ash. "Summer beauty is effortless," she says, pointing to "light but buttery sun-kissed yellow tones" as an easy, natural-looking way to embrace the sunshine.

Brunettes Are Getting Even Richer

At this point, you might as well call it billionaire brunette because summer's best shades are richer, glossier, and more dimensional than ever before. "We will see more luxe brunette hues, very rich and shiny with natural blonde reflections to add movement and an illusion of texture," explains Richy Kandasamy, Colorist and R+Co Collective Member. Overall, Kandasamy says, it creates an expensive feeling. He ticks off shades like leather brown (a warm, rust-infused brunette), mushroom brown (a paler, ashier tone), and warm copper-tinted chestnuts as just a few of the trendy brunette colors expected to rule summer 2022.

"The reason brunettes are trending is because we are in a season where people are looking for healthier, shinier, richer hair that is low maintenance," Kandasamy says. "We are seeing some carryover from past seasons in working with richer and warmer brunettes."

He's right about that carryover—Cassanova says that mocha brown, one of winter's biggest trends, is back and better than ever for summer. "I haven’t stopped getting requests for this color, and I even have it myself," she says. "I love it because it can be so versatile. It looks good on every skin tone and every type of hair texture and cut. It’s usually a solid color, which also means that it tends to be pretty low maintenance."

There’s A Highlight For Everyone

Moreso than any one distinct color, summer is all about highlights and their brightening, spotlight-like effect on every shade, length, and texture. Technique, though, can make a bigger difference than even a standout color. According to Hazan, if it's a classic, not-too-extreme summery refresh you're into, even subtle highlights will get the job done.

"The easiest thing is to add highlights framing the face hairline and crown—it really makes a huge difference without doing too much," she explains. It's similar to the "shadow highlights" she gave her client Beyoncé for this year's Oscars ceremony. By following the natural contours of the face (and haircut) with highlights, it not only acts as an illuminating halo but also gives the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

Hazan also notes that standout, contrasting highlights, chosen to glorify the base hair color, are huge right now too. She points to "bright and light multi-dimensional shades with contrast—brown toffee tones, honey highlights, red copper tones, andgolden highlights," as staples of the season.

Reds Of All Kinds Are Here To Stay

Surprise, surprise! If you still haven't managed to get in on the redhead craze, you still have the whole summer. All of our experts agree that fiery reds, warm coppers, and sweet strawberry blondes and brunettes are, once again, here to stay. A favorite color of celebrities like Kendall Jenner, SZA, Cardi B, and the Euphoria girls, red is shockingly versatile—the difference between a lived-in, sun-faded copper and a bold fire-engine red is technically negligible but aesthetically monumental. "I think the copper and strawberry blonde trend is here to stay," says Justin Mckay, IGK Color Partner & Colorist.

"Recent color trends have been focused on very bright, icy blondes. It makes sense that we would see trends moving in the opposite direction, embracing the warmth with copper, red, and strawberry blonde shades." Mckay warns that red hair is most prone to fading, so it's crucial to protect it with color-safe products (check out the pro-approved recs below).

Color-Depositing Glosses Are the Perfect In-Between

These days, don't even necessarily need a full-fledged foil session at the salon to add some interesting new color and dimension to your hair. Color-depositing glosses can keep your paid-for color looking vibrant and fresh in-between appointments, but it's also an easy, at-home way to level up your natural hair color—think a hypnotic blue-black effect on raven hair or an infusion of reddish warmth into mouse brown.

"IGK’s brand-new Color Depositing Masks ($29) are perfect for someone who wants to refresh or add a temporary pop of color to their hair," says Chase Kusero, Co-founder of IGK Hair Care. The 18 semi-permanent shades range from natural-looking colors like honey, chocolate brown, and silver to fun, irreverent colors like hot pink, amethyst purple, and peach. Plus, the mask doubles as a nourishing deep conditioner for extra hydration and shine.

How To Protect Your Color This Summer

Once you've nailed your perfect summertime hair color—be it a major or minor departure from your spring look—all that's left to do is protect it from the sun, chlorine, saltwater, and richness-zapping products. The first place to start is in your own shower. Color-safe shampoos, masks, and conditioners are crucial for extending the life of your new shade.

"To help maintain and accentuate the hair color, I recommend using either R+Co GEMSTONE Color Shampoo and Conditioner ($66) or R+Co BLEU Primary Color Shampoo and Conditioner ($118)," says Kandasamy. Sealing in color, hydration, and gloss, they'll help hair continue looking fresh until it's time for a refresh. "If your hair is in good condition," he says, "I suggest going in for touch-ups every six months or every two months if your hair is porous."

Threats to your hair color's liveliness lurk outside, too. "The sun can damage and dry out your hair," warns Aaron Grenia, Co-founder of IGK Hair Care. He recommends making sure your styling products are loaded with UV protection, the same way you use sunscreen on your face daily, and adds that all IGK products come pre-loaded with UV-blocking ingredients. "Then, make sure you’re rehydrating your hair. Coconut oil is great for this. It’s a weightless formula that conditions, nourishes, and strengthens hair." Grenia adds that coconut oil is a perfect pick because of how well it air dries in hair to lend a sexy, tousled texture with plenty of shine. "Our Rich Kid Coconut Oil Air Dry Styler ($29) and Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm ($29) contain UV protectants, coconut oil, and can be used on heat or air-dried hair," he says.

Hazan agrees that environmental protection, even against summer-favorite activities, is key. "My best advice is to gloss," she says, recommending her fan-favorite Rita Hazan True Color Gloss ($13). When in doubt, "use good products for color-treated hair. Before going in the pool, wet your hair with spring water so the chlorine doesn’t affect your color, and do a lot of conditioning because your hair gets dehydrated in the summer from the sun."

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Summer 2022's Biggest Hair Color Trends Are All About In-Between Shades (2024)


What is the color of hair in summer 2022? ›

From light peach to different variations of rose gold, Greg Gilmore predicts that blush and nude tones will be trending in 2022.

What is the most trendy hair color right now? ›

2024 Hair Color Trend: Vanilla Chai Highlights

For the uninitiated, vanilla chai is TikTok's latest food-themed beauty take, tied into the whole "vanilla girl aesthetic" thing. It's basically a grown-out/rooted blonde with a sandy/beige hue and neutral undertone.

What is statistically the most attractive hair color? ›

Brunette was clearly the hair color perceived as most attractive, with blonde as the second most attractive, and red as the least attractive. Figure 1 summarizes these results.

What is the most popular hair color for summer? ›

This year, colorists are ditching the high-maintenance reds and vivid coppers in favor of more natural hues like caramel, toasted brown, and soft ombré. If you're ready to embrace the laissez-faire lifestyle of low-maintenance color, read on for their suggestions.

What color is true summer hair? ›

Hair. Hair might be dark blonde, grey or various shades of medium brown but it always has a cool, ashy tone with absolutely no warmth. True Summers may experience a smooth transition when going grey naturally. Blonde isn't particularly common but True Summers can carry some versions.

What colour hair makes you look younger? ›

Ten out of ten colorists agree, shades that are warm-toned read more youthful than cool-toned hair colors. Spicy copper reds, rich caramel brunettes, and soft honey blondes will warm up your complexion for younger-looking skin (hold the retinol).

What color do guys find most attractive on a girl? ›

The "red-effect" theory, which proposes that men rate women who wear red as more attractive due to an association with passion and sexual availability, was also found to apply to women's judgments of other women.

What is the hardest hair color to keep up? ›

What are the most difficult hair colors to maintain? Red hair is notoriously difficult when it comes to upkeep. While it's the hardest color to fully strip from your hair, it's also the first to fade, often lightening drastically within the first few washes.

What is the number 1 hair color? ›

The level system is made up of 10 numbers which help determine the depth level of your natural hair. 1 is black, 5 is light brown, 6 is dark blonde, 7 is blonde and 10 is the lightest blonde.

What is the number 1 hair color in the world? ›

In fact, around 75 to 85 percent of the people in the world have some shade of black hair. While black hair is common in nearly every part of the world, it's practically the only hair colour naturally occurring in certain parts of the world, like Africa and Asia.

What color hair do men prefer? ›

Brunette, chestnut, and other brown shades are some of the most preferred hair colors for men. Brunettes might be getting men's attention because they give the impression of not being afraid to speak their mind; they are honest and truthful, but it also looks like a very natural color.

What dress size do men prefer? ›

Researchers found that men preferred the shape of ordinary women, equivalent to dress size 14, than so-called super-attractive models, according to a study that compared the body shapes of ordinary women, Playboy centrefolds, models from the 1920s and 1990s and glamour girls.

Does hair color get lighter in the summer? ›

Your hair reacts to the sun, as does your skin, by changing colour. The sun slightly bleaches your hair, even more if you expose your hair to seawater or swimming pool water (that contains bleach). This is true whether your hair is coloured or not.

Is blonde hair out for 2022? ›

5. Blonde Long Straight Hair Looking for the trendiest hair color ideas to wear in 2022. There are so many different shades that you can try. There's no shortage of cool hair color trends to try right now, from caramel ribbons, natural blonde, silver champagne, warm sandy, cool beige tones for s...

Does hair get darker in the summer? ›

As the summer months roll around, many of us experience a noticeable change in our hair color - it gets lighter. People have seen their hair change from brown to light brown, light brown to blonde, or blonde to light blonde. Others with color-treated hair also experience fading.

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