Police: Man bought 350 pounds of nails, scattered them on road through three towns (2024)

WEST CHESTER, Ohio — A man is facing charges for buying large quantities of nails and scattering them on roads north of Cincinnati, but it's possible he's been at it for nearly a year according to court records and police.

Springdale police said 44-year-old Anthony Dyson, of Cincinnati, was linked to scattered nails found on Crescentville Road in Springdale, Sharonville and West Chester on March 24.

Dyson was arrested by West Chester police in 2023, accused of throwing nails out of a moving car. That case is still pending in Butler County Municipal Courts.

In this most recent incident, however, Dyson faces three charges of placing hazardous materials on a highway. There is also a warrant for his arrest in Butler County, filed on March 26.

"I think it's going to be a relief for a lot of folks because as I had been so many times myself," said Tom Edward, Springdale resident, who had to replace all four of his tires within one year, due to nails in his tires.

According to court documents, police determined that between December 2023 and March 2024, Dyson bought 350 pounds of nails from a store in Evendale.

The nails Dyson purchased were the same kind of nails found scattered through roadways in Springdale and other nearby communities, according to court documents.

In order to determine whether Dyson was the person throwing the nails in the roads, court documents said police sprayed some of the store's nails with a liquid that can only be seen under ultraviolet light.

"We got some of the nails from the store, we colored them with the luminescent spray, took them back to the store, said when he comes sell these nails to him," said Det. Sgt. Jeff Heard, with Springdale police.

Then, on Monday, officers found around 60 nails scattered on Cresentville Road near Strategic Parkway and 70 more on Crescentville near Chesterdale Road, according to court documents.

From there, officers were able to determine the nails collected from the road were coated in the luminescent varnish.

How the police caught a man scattering nails on the roads

Springdale police said although residents in Springdale, Sharonville and West Chester have been reporting nails destroying their vehicle tires since June 2023, the charges against Dyson are only for the investigation surrounding the most recent incident on Crescentville Road.

"I know we as a Springdale Police Department have lost 39 tires in the last year alone," said Tom Butler, Chief of Springdale police. "Five or six thousand dollars in tires, just in our cars. Say someone is driving down the road on 275, which is relatively close and they have a catastrophic blowout because of that nail, now we have a major crash or somebody loses their life over placing nails in the roadway."

Springdale police said they compared the nails people were finding in their tires and determined they were all the same kind of nails — and not ones that matched any nearby construction sites.

In December, WCPO spoke with several residents in West Chester, Springdale and surrounding areas. Those residents said they have complained about finding nails in their tires for a long time.

"I thought some crazy lady was flattening my tires or something," Springdale resident Kishira Miller told WCPO in November. "I'm constantly having flat tires."

Miller said at the time she had to replace four tires in a matter of weeks, spending more than $1,000 to fix her flats.

She's not alone. Edward said he's spent hundreds. Just two weeks ago, he said mechanics found two more nails in one of his tires.

"Why is this guy doing this? said Edward. "But does he actually understand how much trouble this is? I got to get help, plus all of the folks that had to call on the road service just to get there. It's just been going on, and on, and on and it amounted hundreds of dollars just for me, I know it was thousands for other folks."

Dyson was given a $15,000 bond, of which he has to pay 10%. He was arraigned in a Hamilton County courtroom Tuesday morning.

Man accused of throwing nails in street faces vandalism charges

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Police: Man bought 350 pounds of nails, scattered them on road through three towns (2024)
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